Adding Media (images and videos) to Posts and Pages for a WordPress Website

The inclusion of media like photos and videos into posts and pages is crucial for creating information that is both interactive and aesthetically beautiful on a WordPress website. With WordPress, adding and managing media to your website is a breeze.

By selecting the “Upload Media” button in the toolbar at the top of the editing window when updating a post or page, you can quickly add a photo or a video. By doing this, the media library will open, allowing you to add new photos and movies to your collection as well as choose ones from your existing collection. The “Insert into post” option will appear after you have made your choice. By pressing this button, you can insert the media into the article or page.

The image can be resized and positioned in whatever you desire, and when you do, subtitles can be added. Additionally, you have the choice to add alternative text to images, which is crucial for your website’s accessibility and SEO (SEO).

You can utilize the media library to arrange your pictures and videos. Editing photos and videos are possible, along with folder creation, tag and caption addition, and adding these adjustments directly from the media library.

Remember that uploading large images and movies to your website may make it load more slowly. Because of this, it is advised to optimize your photos by first lowering their size and compressing them before uploading them to your website.

In conclusion, including images and videos in posts and pages on a WordPress website is an essential step in producing information that is interesting and visually appealing for site visitors. WordPress makes it simple to post and manage the many kinds of content you have on your site by utilizing the media library. Before uploading them to your website, it is crucial to optimize your images and videos to ensure that they won’t make it load more slowly.

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