Using the WordPress Editor

On a WordPress website, posts and pages are created and edited using the WordPress editor, which is a built-in tool. Users can insert material like photographs and videos, add text, format text, and make links.

Log into your WordPress dashboard and go to the “Posts” or “Pages” area to access the editor. From there, you can edit an existing post or page or start a new one.

The visual editor and the text editor are the two main divisions of the editor. Using the visual editor’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, you may format text and add media. On the other hand, the text editor enables more experienced users to directly change the HTML code by displaying it alongside the post’s or page’s content.

The WordPress editor has several key functions, including:

Options for text formatting include bold, italic, and underline.

Using the toolbar, the WordPress editor’s text formatting choices include the ability to bold, italicize, and underline text.

Paragraphs and headings

The WordPress editor makes it simple to arrange information and increase readability by allowing users to add headings and paragraphs using the relevant formatting choices in the toolbar.

Lists (bulleted and numbered) (bulleted and numbered)

Users can arrange and present information clearly and systematically by using the WordPress editor’s ability to create both bulleted and numbered lists.

Link text and links

Users can quickly connect their posts and pages to other pertinent resources on the internet and their own websites by adding links and anchor text to their content using the WordPress editor.

Insertion of media (images, videos, audio)

Users can add several forms of media, including photographs, videos, and music, using the WordPress editor, which gives them the means to improve the user experience and enrich their content.

Shortcodes (pre-defined pieces of code adding certain functionality to the site) (pre-defined pieces of code for adding specific functionality to your site)

Shortcodes are pre-defined chunks of code that may be used in the WordPress editor to add certain functionality to a website, such as galleries, contact forms, and more, without the need for specialized technical knowledge.

You can consult the official WordPress documentation to learn more about using the editor.

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