What is Anchor Text?

A hyperlink’s visible and clickable content is known as anchor text. For search engines to comprehend the context and content of the linked website, they read the text that is shown to users. In addition to being utilized as a ranking factor by search engines, anchor text can be used to describe the material on the linked page.

Anchor text is a technique used in search engine optimization (SEO) to inform search engines about the significance and context of a linked website. When a website links to a page on “dog grooming” using the anchor text “dog grooming,” for instance, it is telling search engines that the linked page is pertinent to the topic of dog grooming.

Different types of anchor text exist, including:

  • An exact match occurs when the anchor text precisely matches the linked page’s keyword.
  • A partial match occurs when the anchor text only partially matches the linked page’s keyword.
  • Branded: When the website or brand name appears as the anchor text.
  • When the anchor text is generic, such as “click here,” “learn more,” “visit website,” etc.

As long as the links are obtained naturally and not through manipulative link building, using exact match or partial match anchor text might be advantageous for SEO. Excessive use of exact match anchor text or participation in link schemes, however, may be penalized by search engines because they are viewed as manipulative.

It’s crucial to make sure that the anchor text is descriptive and relevant to the linked page and to give a clear indicator of the type of material that the visitor will find if they click the link. In addition to its importance for SEO, anchor text also plays a significant part in user experience.

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