What is Google Possum?

In September 2016, Google introduced the Google Possum algorithm change. The update’s purpose was to stop spam and unrelated results from appearing in local search results. The change impacts how Google filters results depending on the searcher’s and the business’s physical locations. Businesses located outside of a search area may not, therefore, appear in that area’s local search results. It also has an impact on how Google filters outcomes based on how relevant a company is to the search query. If companies with similar names or categories are thought to be less pertinent to the search query, they may be filtered out. The upgrade aims to give users more precise and pertinent local search results.

Additionally, Google Possum gives more weight to a business’s proximity and relevancy to the searcher. This implies that local businesses will have a better probability of showing up in local search results than those that are farther away. Businesses will also be more likely to show up in the local search results if they are directly related to the search query.

The update further filters result according to the company’s physical address. The company that is located in the city center is more likely to show up in the local search results, for instance, if two businesses with the same name and address are one on the city’s outskirts and the other is in the center.

Google Possum also considers the domains of commercial websites. For instance, if a company operates many websites under various domain names, only the website with the most pertinent domain name will be displayed in the local search results.

In general, Google Possum strives to give users more precise and pertinent local search results by removing spam and unrelated listings and by highlighting establishments that are both more closely related to the search query and closer to the searcher.

Additionally, Google Possum emphasizes the location and search history of each particular user. For instance, if a user looks for a particular sort of business regularly, the search results will be adjusted to show that type of business. Additionally, the search results will be adjusted to show businesses in a certain place if a searcher frequently searches for that location.

The removal of duplicate listings is a key component of Google Possum. With this improvement, Google is now able to separate identical business listings that belong to the same entity or share a physical space. Instead of repeated entries for the same business, this helps to ensure that users see a range of diverse businesses in the local search results.

The reviews and ratings a company receives are taken into consideration by Google Possum. Businesses with a lot of positive feedback and a good rating will be more likely to show up in local search results. This is because Google thinks that companies with favorable reviews and ratings are more likely to offer their clients high-quality services.

In conclusion, Google Possum is a significant improvement that attempts to increase the relevance and accuracy of local search results for users by removing spam and unrelated results and promoting companies that are more closely related to the search query, nearby, and have good ratings and reviews.

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