Advanced WordPress Training

Advanced WordPress Training – Learn how to use WordPress to create any kind of website. This WordPress training will teach you everything you need to know about building a WordPress theme from the ground up. An individual with prior experience can benefit from this tutorial by learning how to create and maintain a professional website using advanced WordPress knowledge and skills, which can be either a business or a personal website. You’ll learn how to create a website from the ground up, from staging to launch. You will have the skills necessary to work as a freelance WordPress developer after completing this training.

Price: 18,000.00 pesos

Duration: 3 days

Certification of Completion (PDF format)

Type of Training: On-site and Face to face

Location: Mandaluyong, Philippines

1st Module

• WordPress Tutorial: Introduction

• How to install WordPress on the local server

• Build WordPress Theme from scratch

• Create WordPress Navigation Menus

• Create WordPress Page Templates

• Create a WordPress Child Page Menu

• Create WordPress Post Meta Data

• Create a WordPress Archive

2nd Module

• Create a WordPress Excerpt

• Create WordPress Featured Image

• Create a WordPress Search Theme

• Create WordPress get_template_part

• Create WordPress Post Formats

• Create WordPress Widgets

• Create a WordPress Custom Homepage

3rd Module

• Create WordPress Custom Loop WP_Query

• Create WordPress Post type

• Create WordPress Custom Editable Theme Content (Image & Text)

• Create WordPress About the Author

• Create WordPress Pagination Tutorial (Custom Query & Template Integration)

• Create WordPress REST API Tutorial (Real Examples)